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Colors of Compassion is a premium coffee table book featuring a collection of scribble art and sketches by vegan artist, Lila Marquez. Available in Lulu Bookstore, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and major book retailers.

About the Book

  Featuring a selection of digital paintings and sketches with a heart for nonhuman animals, Colors of Compassion is a personal tribute of vegan artist and poet, Lila Marquez, to the animal world. It is heavily inspired by the artist's participation in the global vegan art collective, Art of Compassion Project . The collection spotlights artworks specially crafted for a cause. The warm-colored, scribble art pieces primarily depict themes addressing topics on animal rights and veganism, making it a perfect coffee table book for compassionate people. It is available in paperback and hardcover, and distributed by major retailers around the world. Colors of Compassion celebrates nonhuman animals, their autonomy as persons and individuals. The book is a testimonial of the artist's deep respect for Earth's most vulnerable beings. Paperback | Hardback    Specifications: Publication Date: 8 February 2021 ISBN: 9781716581571 and 9781716193538 Language: English Dimensions: Squar

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